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Less Miserable Is..

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Our Fun Webzines and Stuff


Tako Wasabi

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Travel Taiwan Webzine!

To help and inspire travellers to tour Taiwan. Based on street-smart, real, fun Taipei, Taiwan trips. Fuelled by a love of life, people and experience. Away from mere heady overload of boring travel guidebooks and info.

Mondays NO Misery

Tech For Modern Pain!

Highlight the pain of Mondays (work and stress).3. Introduce mobile phone wallpapers as solution.4. Express credible inspiration to a real problem for self-motivating working people.

Taiwan Night Markets Alive


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Why Less Miserable?

✓ Positive

✓ Positive

Online encouragement to face similar pains differently felt in our real world.
✓ Funny

✓ Funny

A cheerful spirit brings joy and might. A broken spirit dries up the bones.
✓ Decent

✓ Decent

Enough online perversion and squander - time to get back to higher living.
✓ Visual

✓ Visual

Truly, let those who have eyes feast them on beauty, colours and exuberance.
✓ Smart

✓ Smart

The masses of net users get stimulated. The smart among them gets discerning.
✓ Inspiring

✓ Inspiring

Let the good lift up themselves. Let the great lift up themselves and others!

Feel Their Delight

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